Austrian Society of Plant Biology
- ATSPB conference 2023,
April 13th -15th, Hall in Tirol

The CELBICS group was happy to join the 24th ATSPB Meeting 2023 in Hall in Tirol.


Our BIBLOX is published!

We’re excited to present our affordable, bench-top d-root device BIBLOX for plant root

Plant Cell Biology International Meeting, August 1st-5th
After 1.5 years, we were happy that we could join again an international meeting: the PCBI Meeting
ESCRT Biology Meeting, Madison, May, 2022

Verena attended the ESCRT Biology Meeting in Madison. It was so great to meet these fantastic

Installation of data sensors in the barley field
Sunny and nice temperatures - the soil not too muddy: perfect conditions to install our sensors in
Current CELBICS group
In February 2022, four bachelor students joined our CELBICS team. Alexandra is working on the effect
picture of BIBLOX
Brick Black Lego® Box
Visit at VBCF PHENOplant
#abiotic stress
#plant physiology
We visit our cooperation partner Jakub Jez from the Plant Science Facilities at the Vienna Biocenter
ATSPB 2021 Conference
Madeleine and Verena attended the Austrian Society of Plant Biology (ATSPB) conference in
Actin Cytoskeleton and Vacuolization processes under salt stress
#plant physiology

Tissue-Specific Proteome and Subcellular Microscopic Analyses Reveal the Effect of High Salt

Our vision
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